LSU adopts new admission policy that's receiving criticism
Posted on 9/6/2018 7:30:00 AM.
There’s controversy about LSU’s decision to adopt a holistic review when considering applications from new students. The review process would factor in more than just a high school senior’s ACT and GPA, and incorporate other elements for consideration. Board of Regents member, Richard Lipsey, not speaking for the board, says the move would hurt both LSU and regional colleges.
"And if now we can say don't worry about supporting Thibodaux or Lake Charles, you can come to LSU, because we are going to lower our standard, all we are doing is hurting the colleges and cities round the state," said Lipsey. 
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Despite talk of budget cuts, LSU has a record number of applicants
Posted on 3/18/2018 8:10:00 AM.

Despite talk of budget cuts to public colleges and TOPS, a record 23,000 students have applied for entry at LSU for the academic year that starts in August. The school’s chief enrollment officer, Jose Aviles, says they hope for an incoming freshman class of 5,800, but TOPS funding is a factor.

"Nothing is set until they put the deposit down and say 'yes I'm in fact attending LSU," Aviles said. "There's a lot of phone calls coming into our office about the uncertainty about TOPS, so we are concerned about that for sure."  
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