Survey finds Louisiana ranked as 4th worst state for teachers
Posted on 9/26/2018 6:45:00 AM.
The personal finance website WalletHub has released its report on the Best and Worst States for Teachers and Louisiana ranks as the 4th worst place to teach after analyzing 22 key metrics, including income growth potential and teacher safety. Louisiana Federation of Teachers spokesperson Les Landon says many of the concerning metrics area echoed by educators.
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Louisiana spending one billion dollars less on education than before 2008 recession, says the American Federation of Teachers
Posted on 8/14/2018 3:35:00 PM.

According to a new study by the American Federation of Teachers, Louisiana spends more than one billion dollars less on education, when adjusted for inflation, now than it did prior to the recession of 2008.

Louisiana Federation of Teachers spokesman Les Landon says it’s time to pay attention to the education in the state.
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Louisiana public school teachers are fed up with the lack of resources
Posted on 5/16/2018 5:46:00 AM.

Public School teachers are hitting the hip when it comes to paying for school supplies for their students. A new survey released says teachers are spending about 480 dollars a year on notebooks, pens, and other supplies without reimbursement. Les Landon is a spokesperson for the Louisiana Federation of Teachers.

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Louisiana teachers union polling members on possible strike
Posted on 4/25/2018 5:06:00 AM.

A teachers strike in Kentucky that led to increased funding for schools and higher pay is inspiring educator walkouts and work stoppages across the south. Louisiana Federation of Teachers is now polling its members to see what actions they would favor to address quality of life for teachers and students. LFT spokesperson Les Landon says it’s not just about winning a bigger paycheck.

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New website gives Louisiana teachers a valuable resource
Posted on 11/30/2017 11:52:00 AM.
Louisiana teachers now have access to free teaching materials all with the click of a computer mouse and keyboard. The Louisiana Federation of Teachers Share My Lesson is a free web based site teachers can use to enrich their skills. LFT Spokesman Les Landon explains.
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Study finds public school teachers miss more school that charter school educators
Posted on 9/21/2017 2:16:00 AM.

A Fordham Institute study finds 28% of public school teachers missed more than 10 days of work compared to charter school teachers at 10%. But Louisiana Federation of Teachers spokesperson Les Landon says Fordham skews data to show public education isn’t doing well. He says the report also claims generous collective bargaining agreements lead to an increase in teacher absences.

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LFT angry over proposed cuts to federal education budget
Posted on 3/21/2017 5:38:00 PM.

The US Department of Education would face a $9 billion budget reduction under President Trump’s budget proposal, and one of the state’s major teacher unions is not happy about it. Les Landon with the Louisiana Federation of Teachers says it would devastate public education. And he says dollars for private and religious schools would increase by $1.4 billion to help pay for vouchers.

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Cassidy and Kennedy vote for DeVos for US Education Secretary, but debate continues
Posted on 2/7/2017 1:34:00 PM.

Louisiana U.S. Senators Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy were among the 51 who voted to confirm Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education today. President of the Louisiana Federation for Children, Ann Duplessis, says as a proponent of school choice and vouchers for low-income students DeVos will bring a welcomed change to the education system.

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Teacher groups team up to spotlight candidates
Posted on 9/3/2015 3:05:00 AM.
The Louisiana Association of Educators and the Louisiana Federation of Teachers are teaming up to spotlight political candidates who support the best interest of public education.  Their "It's Time to Get it Right" campaign seeks to educate the public on the stands taken by candidates on important issues facing Louisiana's schools.  
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LFT raises concerns over whether schools have the technology to administer Common Core test
Posted on 6/12/2014 4:57:00 PM.
The Louisiana Federation of Teachers says 87-percent of the teachers they surveyed say their schools do not have the technology required for all students to take the PARCC exam, which is an online exam tied to the new Common Core standards. LFT spokesperson Les Landon says over 1,000 teachers were surveyed and the results should be seen as a red flag.
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