Early education programs seeing better results
Posted on 11/13/2018 12:30:00 PM.

71 percent of early education programs in the state were rated proficient, up five percent from last year according to the Louisiana Department of Education.

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Legislative Auditor finds lax child care standards in Louisiana
Posted on 10/15/2018 11:08:00 AM.

The Legislative Auditor says there’s some problems with child care standards in Louisiana. Auditor Krista Baker-Hernandez says the state is lacking many of the nationally recognized regulations on child care, such as our core licensing standards…

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Louisiana Ranked as Having Worst Bullying Problem
Posted on 9/6/2018 7:20:00 PM.

Bullying is a widespread issue, and in a recent study by WalletHub, Louisiana has ranked the number one state for bullying problems. The website compared 47 states and D.C. across 20 key metrics. Louisiana Department of Education spokesperson Sydni Dunn says bullying is something that is taken seriously in the Bayou State.

Louisiana Department of Education, Bullying, Sydni Dunn

4,500 children can now enroll in child care after the state received 39 million dollars in aid
Posted on 8/1/2018 1:50:00 PM.

The Louisiana Department of Education is removing 4,500 children from a waiting list seeking to enroll in a child care program.

Executive Director of the Early Childhood operations, Lisa Brochard, says 39-million dollars in federal one-time money will pay for kids from low-income families to attend a child care center, but there’s still a lot more children on the list.
Louisiana Department of Education, Lisa Brochard

Principal of the Year and Teacher of the Year Announced
Posted on 7/31/2018 9:55:00 AM.

The Louisiana Department of Education has announced the most recent recipients of the titles of Teacher and Principal of the Year.

The Principal of the Year honor goes to Dr. Eric Davis of Wossman High School in the City of Monroe School District. Davis says he believes the growth in his students is what landed him the award.

Louisiana Department of Education, Bossier City, Monroe

Louisiana's high school graduation rate reaches an all-time high
Posted on 5/10/2018 11:33:00 AM.

Louisiana high schools posted an all-time high of 78.1% of four year graduation for the class of 2017. That’s an increase of eleven percent over the last ten years. Louisiana Superintendent of Education John White says it’s a 4,000 student increase over last year.

Louisiana Department of Education, graduation rates, TOPS

LDOE: ACT scores up for 4th consecutive year; only slightly over 2016
Posted on 8/9/2017 1:38:00 PM.
Michelle Southern reporting. 
The State Department of Education announced today that students in public schools increased average ACT scores for the 4th year in a row, from 19.1 in 2013 to 19.6 today. Superintendent of Education John White said there is also a substantial rise in the number of students achieving college acceptable scores.
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Louisiana Department of Education releases its annual school report cards
Posted on 11/17/2016 11:45:00 AM.

The Louisiana Department of Education has released its annual school report cards and found statewide gains in student achievement. Superintendent John White says the distribution of school and district letter grade ratings has improved. He credits this to an improvement in student results.

Louisiana Department of Education, John White, report cards

Dept. of Ed. revokes child care license after children were found wandering in street
Posted on 4/19/2016 5:25:00 PM.
The Louisiana Department of Education revokes the child care license of Abita Church Christian Daycare in St. Tammany Parish after four unsupervised toddlers were found roaming near a busy street.
Louisiana Department of Education, Abita Church Christian Daycare, Ken Pastorick

Education Week report ranks Louisiana public schools 49th nationally
Posted on 1/7/2016 2:22:00 PM.
For a second straight year, Louisiana's public schools rank 49th in the nation in academic achievement. That's according to Education Week Magazine, who has unveiled its Quality Counts report. Education Week Research Center director Holly Yetcick says Louisiana scored a 68.7 out of 100 for classroom performance which is just above a passing grade.
Louisiana Department of Education, Quality Counts, Education Week

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