Louisiana's unemployment rate drops again
Posted on 4/20/2018 12:20:00 PM.
Unemployment is down to 4.4% in Louisiana, capping a 3 month run of strong jobs numbers. According to the March employment figures, 46,000 people joined the workforce over the last 12 months and state Workforce Commission Executive Director Ava Dejoie says that puts us at number 1 in the nation for new jobs added.


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State's unemployment drops to lowest figures in nearly a decade
Posted on 1/25/2018 5:00:00 AM.
Louisiana’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate has declined for the eighth straight month to 4.6 percent in December. That’s the lowest unemployment rate in nearly a decade. Over 2.1 million are working in this state. Louisiana Workforce Commission Executive Director Ava Dejoie says many jobs were added in the leisure and hospitality industry.


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Louisiana's unemployment rate lowest since June of 2008
Posted on 11/17/2017 1:10:00 PM.

New data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics shows Louisiana’s unemployment rate for October was 4.8% the lowest it’s been since June of 2008.

Louisiana Workforce Commission Executive Director Ava Dejoie says this is the sixth consecutive month the rate has declined. She says we’ve had four industry super sectors that have reached all-time record highs this year.
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Statewide job fairs taking place Thursday to help young adults find work
Posted on 9/20/2017 12:13:00 PM.
From 3-to-6 PM Thursday, young adults can attend a job fair in their area to find seasonal work or a full-time job. The Louisiana Workforce Commission Business and Career Solutions Center is hosting the job fairs at 25 locations. LWC Executive Director Ava Dejoie says to find the job fair closest to you go to laworks.net. 
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Construction jobs keep growing in Louisiana
Posted on 9/3/2017 4:57:00 PM.
By Jeff Palermo
Based on data from the Louisiana Workforce Commission, 1.9 million people have a jobs in this state. That's an increase of 12,000 from a year ago. LSU economist Dr. Loren Scott says because of an industrial boom in Lake Charles and Baton Rouge, the construction sector is doing well.
Louisiana Workforce Commission, Loren Scott, Lafayette, Houma, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, construction

LWC: Louisiana unemployment rate at three-year low
Posted on 7/21/2017 1:40:00 PM.

New data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics shows Louisiana’s unemployment rate is at a three-year low at 5.5%  The June employment report shows nonfarm jobs increased by nearly 21,000 over the last 12 months.

Louisiana Workforce Commission Executive Director Ava Dejoie says three industry sectors reached all-time highs in employment.
Louisiana Workforce Commission, Ava Dejoie, unemployment, Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics

Series of workforce summits scheduled to help hire personal care attendants
Posted on 7/11/2017 3:25:00 AM.

The Louisiana Department of Health and the Louisiana Workforce Commission will host a series of workforce summits as they seek to hire qualified individuals to work with people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Executive Management Officer for the Office of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities Tiffany Dickerson says the goal is to become a conduit for healthcare providers.
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Louisiana records its largest job gain over one month since July 2011
Posted on 6/18/2017 5:12:00 PM.

Employment is on the rise in the Bayou State. In May, nonfarm employment increased by 10,500 jobs, the best one month gain since July of 2011. Executive Director of the Louisiana Workforce Commission Ava Dejoie says there's been a noticeable improvement to the state's employment landscape over the past month.

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Major Alexandria employer announces massive layoff by end of June
Posted on 4/26/2016 1:01:00 PM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
One of the largest employers in central Louisiana announces mass layoffs are coming. Houston-based Union Tank Car Company (UTLX) said it expects to lay off about 224 employees beginning June 24th at its Alexandria facility. Jim Clinton is the CEO of the Central Louisiana Economic Development Alliance.

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LWC: State's workforce grows by 8,000 from Feb. to March
Posted on 4/15/2016 1:09:00 PM.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics finds employment in Louisiana rose for a third straight month. Louisiana Workforce Commission spokesperson Aaron Caffarel says this is encouraging news.He says the number of people employed grew by nearly 8,000 from February to March.


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