Restore Louisiana awards $92 million in to homeowners affected by 2016 floods
Posted on 11/22/2017 5:03:00 AM.

The Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program has offered grant awards for nearly 3,100 homeowners affected by the floods in 2016, totaling nearly $92-million.

Office of Community Development Executive Director Pat Forbes says these funds are helping people rebuild their homes and many of the homeowners are reimbursed for work already done.
Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program, Pat Forbes, Office of Community Development

State Office of Community Development eager to get federal flood dollars in the hands of victims
Posted on 9/30/2016 10:59:00 AM.

President Obama has signed the bill that provides $500 million in federal disaster aid. Executive Director of the state Office of Community Development Pat Forbes says Louisiana is expected to get a little over $400 million of that assistance to help with flood recovery. He says the most urgent need is to help homeowners without flood insurance.

The Great Flood 2016, Pat Forbes, federal disaster aid, Office of Community Development

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