State Farm urges college students to purchase renter's insurance
Posted on 8/11/2016 2:48:00 AM.

Many college students are using this end of summertime to shop for expensive items to fill their dorms or apartments and State Farm is urging young adults to protect their back-to-school purchases with renter’s insurance. State Farm spokesperson Roszell Gadson says it’s important to have protection in the event of a fire, flood, for theft.

State Farm, Roszell Gadson, theft, renter's insurance

Traveling over the 4th of July weekend increases the chances of home theft
Posted on 7/1/2016 11:43:00 AM.

As many Americans are traveling over the holiday weekend, thieves are on the lookout for those leaving their homes. State Farm saw 1,420 theft claims in Louisiana in 2015. State Farm spokesperson Roszell Gadson says July is the third highest month for home theft claims. He says it’s very important that your home is prepared during the 4th of July weekend if you’re going to be hitting the road.

State Farm, Roszell Gadson, 4th of July, theft

State Farm: Louisiana ranks third for lightning claims
Posted on 6/20/2016 2:59:00 PM.

Louisiana ranks third in the country for lightning claims, according to State Farm. Roszell Gadson with State Farm says in 2015, the insurance company paid out over $6 million on almost 1,400 lightning claims, averaging $4,600 each.

Roszell Gadson, State Farm, lightning

Louisiana ranks 11th for states in paid wind claims
Posted on 3/1/2016 3:02:00 PM.

A study from State Farm finds Louisiana ranks 11th in the US in paid wind claims. Spokesperson Roszell Gadson says in 2015, State Farm paid 3,300 wind and tornado claims on structures around the state. Gadson says last week’s tornado outbreak illustrates we we are in a very active part of the country when it comes to severe weather.

State Farm, Roszell Gadson, wind damage, tornado, wind claims

Survey finds many teens still texting and driving
Posted on 10/20/2015 4:05:00 AM.

A survey released from State Farm finds many teenagers are still texting and driving ever after understanding the potential dangers. Spokesperson Roszell Gadson says over 90% of teens admit to knowing it’s distracting, yet 44% confessed they still text and drive. He says this week is Teen Driver Safety week and hopes they can get the word out for young drivers to stay focused on the road.

State Farm, Roszell Gadson, Teen Driver Safety Week, texting and driving

State Farm: Louisiana ranks 14th in the nation for dog bite claims
Posted on 5/19/2015 3:58:00 AM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
To recognize National Dog Bite Prevention Week, State Farm compiled claims data and found that Louisiana ranks 14th in the United States in a 2014 analysis of dog bite injury claims. The company says it paid out nearly $3 million dollars here for dog bite claims last year. 
dog bite, state farm, roszell gadson

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