Field for Secretary of State's race set
Posted on 7/20/2018 1:58:00 PM.
Nine people have signed up for the Secretary of State's race, including interim Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin, who had said for months he would not seek the position. The Baton Rouge Republican said he changed his mind ten minutes before qualifying ended on Friday afternoon. 
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Kyle Ardoin to be Secretary of State after Tom Schedler resigns until fall election
Posted on 5/2/2018 4:42:00 AM.
First Assistant Kyle Ardoin will take over the agency that handles elections starting May 8th. Ardoin is replacing Secretary of Secretary Tom Schedler, who submitted his resignation papers in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal. Ardoin knows he’s been put in charge during a pivotal time for the department.More
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Secretary of State Tom Schedler resigns amid sexual harassment allegations
Posted on 5/1/2018 12:41:00 PM.

Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler has submitted his resignation letter to the governor, in the wake of a sexually harassment scandal involving his former secretary, Dawn Ross. Schedler refutes many of the allegations, but Ross' attorney Jill Craft says his resignation sends a clear signal to other would-be-harassers.

"It's time that people stand up and realize this is not okay. This is not a good old boys network. It's time for it to stop, period!" said Craft.
Tom Schedler, resigns, Secretary of State, sexual harassment

Analyst: Schedler may have no choice but to resign
Posted on 4/29/2018 4:01:00 AM.
A political analyst says embattled Secretary of State Tom Schedler might not be able to stay in office much longer as the sexual harassment allegations against him will not go away. Bernie Pinsonat says published emails showing sexual advances by Schedler towards an employee could lead to his resignation.

"It could be the end of his political career. So we'll see but it's probably a matter of time until Schedler gives up the ship and resigns." 
Tom Schedler, Secretary of State, Resignation, Sexual Harassment

Tough questions for Tom Schedler on revising anti-harassment policies
Posted on 4/25/2018 3:29:00 PM.
Secretary of State Tom Schedler told a Senate committee his office is looking at improving its anti-harassment policies. Schedler, who was accused of sexually harassing an employee in a recent lawsuit, was forced to discuss his agency’s policies during harsh questioning from New Orleans Senator Karen Peterson.
Tom Schedler, Secretary of State, Karen Peterson, anti-harassment policies

Louisiana set to overhaul voting booths
Posted on 4/2/2018 12:45:00 PM.

Louisiana will receive 5.8 million dollars from the federal Election Assistance Commission to purchase thousands of new voting machines as part of a proposed 50 to 60 million dollar project to overhaul the state’s aging voting systems. Secretary of State Tom Schedler says we have a looming crisis with our decade old voting booths.

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Secretary of State Schedler not resigning, not running for reelection
Posted on 3/14/2018 5:47:00 PM.
Embattled Secretary of State Tom Schedler spoke publicly for the first time Wednesday about the sexual harassment allegations made against him. An employee filed a lawsuit claiming Schedler made unwanted advances to her and even sent her a sex tape. Schedler admits to an affair with the accuser, but denies the claims of stalking or harassment. The state's election chief intends to fight the allegations and not step down.
Secretary of State, Tom Schedler, sexual harassment allegations

Governor wants Secretary of State Tom Schedler to resign
Posted on 2/28/2018 2:48:00 PM.
Governor John Bel Edwards is calling on Secretary of State Tom Schedler to resign immediately as a result of a lawsuit filed that accuses the state’s top election official of sexual harassment. Edwards says sexual harassment in the workplace should not be tolerated.

“I’m more troubled with his own admissions which by textbook definition constitute sexual harassment,” Edwards said.

Tom Schedler, sexual harassment, Governor John Bel Edwards, resignation

Female employee accuses Secretary of State Tom Schedler of sexual harassment
Posted on 2/22/2018 4:29:00 PM.

Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler is being sued for allegations of sexual harassment involving his former Executive Secretary Dawn Ross. The suit alleges a pattern of repeated harassment, and claims to have multiple documents that support the accusations. Ross’s attorney Jill Crafts says that includes an explicitly worded Valentine’s letter from the Secretary.

Tom Schedler, sexual harassment, Dawn Ross,

Secretary of State looking at purchasing new voting machines
Posted on 12/6/2017 3:00:00 AM.

Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler says they are looking at replacing voting machines. Schedler says tampering with the current machines is remote, but a new system would further decrease chances of tampering. He is awaiting approval from the state Division of Administration. If approved, the new touch screen system would provide better confirmation for voters.

"It would produce after you vote on the screen, an actual paper ballot that would show you exactly how you voted," Schedler said. 
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