U.S. Senator John Kennedy speaks on his Medicaid reform bill on Senate floor
Posted on 5/18/2017 2:52:00 AM.

U.S. Senator John Kennedy spoke on the Senate floor touting a Medicaid reform bill that he has filed. Kennedy says it would require adults ages 18 to 55, that have no dependents and are not disabled, to work 20 hours a week, go to school or do community service to receive Medicaid.

John Kennedy, U.S. Senate, Medicaid reform

Kennedy's victory gives Republicans bigger majority in Senate
Posted on 12/11/2016 10:12:00 AM.
Republican John Kennedy’s victory in the U.S. Senate race gives the GOP a larger majority in the upper chamber, 52 Republicans and 48 Democrats. ULM political science professor Dr. Joshua Stockley says this is an important win for Republicans because it gives them a larger cushion to deal with issues as they arise in the Senate.
U.S. Senate, John Kennedy, ULM, Joshua Stockley

Kennedy looks forward to his time as U.S. Senator
Posted on 12/11/2016 3:07:00 AM.

Now that Republican State Treasurer John Kennedy has been elected as U.S. Senator, he plans to tackle some of Louisiana’s problems in Washington D.C. Kennedy says it’s time for a change and the first thing he will fight for is additional relief for our flood victims.

U.S. Senate, John Kennedy, election

UNO poll finds Kennedy is still leading over Campbell in U.S. Senate race
Posted on 12/9/2016 10:48:00 AM.

A new poll conducted by the University of New Orleans Survey Research Center finds Republican U.S. Senate candidate John Kennedy continues to have a huge lead over Democrat Foster Campbell in Saturday’s election.

UNO, Ed Chervenak, poll, U.S. senate

Kennedy and Campbell getting ready for runoff election
Posted on 11/9/2016 12:12:00 PM.

Democrat Foster Campbell is gearing up to face Republican State Treasurer John Kennedy in the December 10th U.S. Senate runoff. Analysts says Kennedy is the favorite to win but Campbell hopes his position as a non-political insider will resonate with voters.

John Kennedy, Foster Campbell, U.S. Senate, runoff

Kennedy-Campbell runoff
Posted on 11/9/2016 12:05:00 AM.

State Treasurer John Kennedy is the lead vote getter in the US Senate primary, pulling 25% of the vote. Kennedy says he goes into the runoff with the same message he had when he entered the race.

U.S. Senate, Foster Campbell, John Kennedy

Two polls on U.S. Senate race released
Posted on 9/9/2016 12:57:00 PM.

Two new polls have been released on the state’s U.S. Senate race. UL-Lafayette Political Science Professor Pearson Cross says the survey conducted by The Remington Research Group and The Hayride confirms what we’ve been hearing, with Republican Treasurer John Kennedy with a comfortable lead.

U.S. Senate, Pearson Cross, John Kennedy, Charles Boustany, Caroline Fayard

Republican Congressman Fleming begins airing statewide TV ads for his U.S. Senate campagin
Posted on 9/8/2016 3:15:00 AM.

Republican Congressman John Fleming launches a seven figure statewide TV ad for the U.S. Senate race. Jeremy Alford of LaPolitics.com says Fleming is a U.S. Representative for north Louisiana who doesn’t have much name recognition outside of his district.

John Fleming, LaPolitics.com, John Kennedy, Caroline Fayard, Campbell Foster, Charles Boustany, U.S. Senate

Endorsements starting to roll in for the U.S. Senate race
Posted on 7/27/2016 11:07:00 AM.

We are starting to see more endorsements in the U.S. Senate race. Former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer is officially backing State Treasurer John Kennedy and Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain has endorsed Congressman Charles Boustany.

Buddy Roemer, U.S. Senate, election 2016, John Kennedy, Clancy Dubos, Charles Boustany, Mike Strain

Poll: Kennedy has large lead in U.S. Senate race
Posted on 6/2/2016 3:49:00 AM.

The U.S. Senate election is five months away and Republican State Treasurer John Kennedy has a large lead in a Southern Media and Opinion Research poll of 500 likely voters. Pollster Bernie Pinsonat says Kennedy drew 32% of first choice votes followed by Republican Congressman Charles Boustany with 10%. He says the poll shows Kennedy’s favorable rating is at 62%.

U.S. Senate, Bernie Pinsonat, John Kennedy, Charles Boustany, Foster Campbell, Caroline Fayard

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