Protection against Zika virus is still important even in the winter
Posted on 12/14/2016 3:08:00 AM.

The Zika virus is still a threat even this time of year. LSU Health New Orleans Professor and Program Director of Environmental/Occupational Health Sciences Dr. James Diaz says in Louisiana the temperatures fluctuate during the winter and the eggs of the mosquitoes carrying Zika can survive even when it’s cold outside.

Zika, LSU Health New Orleans, James Diaz

LDH: 305,000 enrolled in expanded Medicaid program
Posted on 9/19/2016 3:06:00 PM.

More than 300,000 people have signed up for Medicaid expansion in Louisiana since coverage began on July 1st. Louisiana Department of Health Secretary Dr. Rebekah Gee says this program is already saving lives. She says so far, 1,000 mammograms have been completed.

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LDH confirms more cases of mosquito-borne illness
Posted on 8/30/2016 12:24:00 PM.

The state Department of Health has confirmed more mosquito-borne illnesses in Louisiana, including Zika and West Nile Virus. Louisiana Medical Director for the Center for Community Preparedness, Dr. Frank Welch, says there have been 14 cases of West Nile Virus so far this year. But he says these cases are not flood related.

Dr. Frank Welch, Zika, West Nile Virus, mosquito

Louisiana at increased risk for West Nile after flooding
Posted on 8/18/2016 1:49:00 AM.

The massive flooding in south Louisiana now poses an increased risk for West Nile. That’s according to the State Medical Director for the Center of Community Preparedness, Dr. Frank Welch, who says in the short-term, flooding washes away mosquitoes and their larvae, but floods leave standing water, which allows mosquitoes to breed and the population to grow quickly.

Frank Welch, flooding, The Great Flood 2016, mosquitoes, West Nile, Zika

Sen. Bill Cassidy files legislation seeking to cut red tape for public health emergencies
Posted on 6/29/2016 5:01:00 AM.

US Senator Bill Cassidy has filed legislation that seeks to help prepare for potential health emergencies, like outbreaks of Ebola and Zika. The proposal by would wave some red-tape regulations and authorize funding if a public health emergency is declared. Cassidy, a doctor, says this could help contain outbreaks.

Bill Cassidy, Centers for Disease Control, Zika

Two new Zika cases confirmed in Louisiana
Posted on 4/6/2016 1:40:00 PM.

Two new Zika cases have been confirmed in Louisiana, bringing the total number to four – but DHH says they are all okay. Medical Director for the Louisiana Center for Community Preparedness, Dr. Frank Welch says this Zika confirmation is really a few weeks late, because the tests had to be sent to the Center for Disease Control for confirmation.

Frank Welch, mosquitoes, Zika

Zika virus no cause for alarm in Louisiana, yet
Posted on 1/28/2016 1:39:00 PM.
Health officials say while the Zika virus is a threat, it’s not a cause for alarm in Louisiana, just yet. The relatively new mosquito-borne virus has been linked to birth defects in pregnant women.
Louisiana, Zika, virus, Joseph Bocchini, infectious disease, birth defects

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