Equal pay bill passes out of Senate Committee
Posted on 5/5/2017 1:26:00 AM.

A bill to require businesses in Louisiana to guarantee equal pay has passed out of the Senate Labor Committee and could receive a vote on the Senate floor next week. New Orleans Senator JP Morrell says there’s safeguards in place that can prevent businesses from being sued.

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91 percent of Louisiana residents support equal pay
Posted on 4/6/2017 11:49:00 AM.

The Louisiana Survey finds 91 percent of Louisiana residents support the concept of equal pay for equal work. Director of the LSU Public Policy Research Lab, Dr. Michael Henderson, says it always raises eyebrows when you see such a large majority falling on one side of an issue.

Michael Henderson, LSU Public Policy Research Lab, Louisiana Survey, equal pay

Gov Edwards pushes equal pay, higher minimum wage
Posted on 4/5/2017 5:41:00 AM.

Governor John Bel Edwards is once again asking lawmakers to increase the state’s minimum wage and guarantee equal pay for equal work. Both measures failed in last year’s session. Political analyst Clancy Dubos says raising the minimum wage is never easy.

Clancy Dubos, Bernie Pinsonat, equal pay, minimum wage

Morrell files equal pay legislation for 2017 session
Posted on 2/7/2017 1:55:00 AM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
State Senator JP Morrell is again bringing equal pay legislation before lawmakers for the upcoming session. The Democrat from New Orleans authored a similar bill last year that failed to make it out of a House committee. Morrell says one of the changes to this measure is that employers would be given a chance to correct a pay inequality.
jp morrell, equal pay

Equal pay bill dies in House committee
Posted on 5/19/2016 1:13:00 PM.

The bill seeking equal pay for men and women who perform the same job failed to make it out of the House Labor Committee. Shreveport Representative Alan Seabaugh opposes the bill. He says there is already a law on the books that prevents pay discrimination based on gender.

Alan Seabaugh, Ted James, Helena Moreno, Blake Miguez, equal pay

House hearing on equal pay bill has been cancelled
Posted on 5/12/2016 6:59:00 AM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
The Senate approved measure that would require private employers to pay men and women the same for equal work was scheduled to be heard in the House Labor Committee Thursday. No reason was given on why the meeting was cancelled.
equal pay, mark rosa, house labor committee

Bill to address equal pay to be heard on Senate floor
Posted on 4/12/2016 2:59:00 AM.

A bill will be heard on the Senate floor today to address equal pay. Governor John Bel Edwards supports the legislation and says Louisiana comes in dead last in the country when it comes to the wage gap between men and women. He says women in the state earn only 65 cents for every dollar a man makes.

Senate, equal pay, Governor John Bel Edwards, National Partnership

Regular legislative session off to a slow start
Posted on 4/1/2016 2:07:00 AM.

Three weeks into the regular legislative session and things are still moving slow. The biggest piece of legislation so far has been the minimum wage bill clearing the Senate Labor Committee. Political Analyst Bernie Pinsonat says legislators were burnt out after a tough special session.

Regular legislative session, Bernie Pinsonat, TOPS, minimum wage, equal pay, school reform

Equal pay bill passes the state Senate
Posted on 5/13/2015 10:55:00 AM.
In a narrow vote, the state Senate advances an equal pay bill to the House.  New Orleans Senator Ed Murray's legislation would ensure that all employees receive the same pay for the same kind and quality of work.  
Louisiana, Senate, equal pay, Ed Murray, Jack Donahue, Karen Carter Peterson, Conrad Appel, Dan Claitor

Equal pay bills fail
Posted on 4/22/2015 4:32:00 PM.
Two bills that attempt to address gender inequality when it comes to pay failed to get approval from the House Labor Committee. Natchitoches Representative Kenny Cox says Louisiana has the worst pay gap in the nation at 66 percent. Alexandria Representative Lance Harris says employees are hard enough to find and this legislation would be a strain on business owners like himself.
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