Minimum wage going up in Arkansas and Missouri, is Louisiana next?
Posted on 11/9/2018 4:14:00 AM.

Two Republican run states voted this week to increase their minimum wage. Arkansas' wage will go up to $11 an hour by 2021, and Missouri's minimum wage will rise to $12 by 2023. Efforts to raise the minimum wage in the Bayou State have failed, but New Orleans Senator Troy Carter believes what happened in Arkansas will help convince lawmakers in Louisiana that a minimum wage of $7.25 is to low.

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Fast Food Workers Plan Walk-Out Today; Demand higher pay
Posted on 12/5/2013 3:32:00 AM.

Workers at fast food restaurants in 100 cities are planning to walk out of work today as part of a nationwide strike. Employees of places like McDonald's and Wendy's are demanding an increase in pay to $15.00 an hour and the right to unionize. Professor Robert Newman is the chair of the Economics Department at LSU.

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