Trump tops Oprah in statewide poll
Posted on 1/17/2018 1:42:00 AM.
A statewide poll by UNO shows President Donald Trump beating Oprah Winfrey by double digits in a hypothetical general election matchup. Trump gathered 60 percent of support in the poll of 722 Louisiana voters, with the results slip sharply along racial and gender lines. Pollster Ed Chervenak says part of the reason is the president’s high approval rating in the bayou
Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, poll

Poll finds dissatisfaction with state's direction.
Posted on 12/26/2017 3:47:00 AM.

Only 36% of Louisianans feel that the state is moving in the right direction, according to a Southern Media & Opinion Research poll. 45%, and a majority of Republican voters disagree. Pollster Bernie Pinsonat says the criticism of the Trump Administration is impacting how Louisiana voters feel about the state's future.

Poll, Pinsonat, State's Direction

President Trump's approval rating tops 50 percent in Louisiana
Posted on 7/26/2017 10:23:00 AM.

Most Louisiana residents approve of Donald Trump’s job performance, according to a recent Gallup poll. LSU political science professor Robert Hogan says that’s not surprising since the president won an overwhelming majority of the popular vote in the Bayou State. He says the poll shows that Louisiana voters like what the president is doing.

Robert Hogan, Donald Trump, poll,

Poll finds opinions split on President Trump, Obamacare
Posted on 5/15/2017 4:55:00 AM.

Louisiana support for President Donald Trump is split along party and race lines, according to a recent poll from Southern Media and Opinion Research. Pollster Bernie Pinsonat says Republicans really like the President with 91 percent giving him a favorable approval rating. But he says that’s a stark contrast to the Democratic opinion.

Bernie Pinsonat, Donald Trump, Affordable Care Act, poll

Poll finds voters do not want their taxes increased
Posted on 5/12/2017 5:56:00 AM.

Raising taxes is not popular among voters, according to a survey from Southern Media and Opinion Research. Lawmakers have proposed increasing taxes on everything from a pack of cigarettes to a gallon of gasoline to close a looming budget hole. Pollster Bernie Pinsonat says two-thirds of voters say they do not want their legislator to raise the state’s gas tax.

Bernie Pinsonat, Southern Media and Opinion Research, taxes, poll

Despite main stream media reports, polls find significant support for travel ban
Posted on 1/31/2017 10:45:00 AM.

Although most main stream media outlets have produced critical reports of President Donald Trump’s travel ban, multiple polls released show quite a bit of support for the executive order. A survey from the University of Quinnipiac finds between 42 and 48% of people support the order. LSU Political Communications Chair Martin Johnson says he expected this, especially with Louisianans.

travel ban, Martin Johnson, Rasmussen, poll

UNO poll finds Kennedy is still leading over Campbell in U.S. Senate race
Posted on 12/9/2016 10:48:00 AM.

A new poll conducted by the University of New Orleans Survey Research Center finds Republican U.S. Senate candidate John Kennedy continues to have a huge lead over Democrat Foster Campbell in Saturday’s election.

UNO, Ed Chervenak, poll, U.S. senate

Poll finds Gov Edwards' approval rating at 63%
Posted on 12/4/2016 3:13:00 PM.

A recent poll from Southern Media and Opinion Research finds Governor John Bel Edwards’ approval rating is at 63%. Pollster Bernie Pinsonat says that’s a big improvement over the governor’s approval rating earlier this year.

Bernie Pinsonat, John Bel Edwards, poll

New poll finds tight race for US Senate in Louisiana
Posted on 9/21/2016 11:20:00 AM.

A new independent poll on the election for US Senate in Louisiana finds a tight race. Republican State Treasurer John Kennedy still leads the Southern Media and Opinion Research survey of 500 likely voters with 17%. But Pollster Bernie Pinsonat says GOP Lafayette Congressman Charles Boustany is only two percentage points back.

Bernie Pinsonat, poll, election 2016

UNO Poll: Edwards' approval rating at 49%
Posted on 8/2/2016 11:05:00 AM.

A poll from the University of New Orleans finds that 49% of Louisiana residents surveyed give Governor John Bel Edward positive marks in his performance for his nearly eight months in office. UNO Pollster Ed Chervenak says they surveyed 600 likely voters and his favorability rating seems to be rising.

UNO, Ed Chervenak, Governor John Bel Edwards, poll

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