Scalise: Republicans have the cure to spur the economy
Posted on 10/20/2017 3:46:00 AM.

Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise is hopeful that President Trump’s tax reform package will be passed, giving relief to millions of American’s pocketbooks. The House Majority Whip says the Republican's proposal will simplify the tax code bringing a couple of benefits.

tax reform, President Trump, Steve Scalise

Kennedy: Now that healthcare is out of the way, time for Congress to focus on tax reform
Posted on 9/27/2017 2:37:00 AM.
Michelle Southern reporting. 
Now that Senate GOP leaders have decided not to vote on a bill that would repeal Obamacare, Louisiana's Junior Senator John Kennedy says it's time for Congress to focus on tax reform. He says cutting taxes is the only thing will get the economy moving again.

"We ought to be growing our economy at about 3% a year," said Kennedy. "Right now it's about half that. And in America today, government is growing faster than our economy."
John Kennedy, Tax Reform, Congress

John Kennedy among 10 Senators calling for the cancellation of August recess
Posted on 7/1/2017 9:56:00 AM.
U.S. Senator John Kennedy is among 10 Senate Republicans calling for the cancellation of the August recess in order to address issues that demand immediate attention. Kennedy says the current Senate calendar shows only 33 potential working days remaining before the end of the fiscal year and they've yet to approve meaningful reforms.
"Tax reform, health care, fixing Dodd-Frank, getting a flood insurance bill passed, passing an infrastructure bill," Kennedy said.  
John Kennedy, U.S. Senator. August recess, health care reform, tax reform, National Flood Insurance Program

One special session starts, another special looming
Posted on 6/10/2017 7:22:00 AM.

With one special session already started, another one is already looming in their future. The goal of the current special is to pass a budget for the next fiscal year, but the governor says another one will be needed to implement tax reform and address a looming fiscal cliff in 2018. Kenner Representative Julie Stokes is disappointed the legislature didn’t accomplish that during this year’s fiscal session.

Julie Stokes, Kenny Havard, fiscal session, special session, tax reform

Some lawmakers disappointed no legislation was passed to reform the state’s tax structure
Posted on 6/5/2017 1:53:00 PM.

Heading into the 2017 legislative session, lawmakers talked about reforming Louisiana’s tax structure with $1.3 billion in temporary taxes set to expire next year. But lawmakers will not pass any legislation this year dealing with the fiscal cliff. Baton Rouge Representative Barry Ivey expresses his frustration.

legislative session, Barry Ivey, Julie Stokes, tax reform

Governor Edwards income tax plan fails, will any tax bills pass?
Posted on 5/9/2017 7:18:00 PM.
Legislation backed by Governor John Bel Edwards’ that called for shifting the tax burden from individuals to businesses died in the House Ways and Means committee. Council for a Better Louisiana President Barry Erwin says it appears the Republican dominated legislature is not interested in overhauling the state’s tax structure.
Tax plan, Louisiana legislature, Barry Erwin, John Bel Edwards, House Republicans, tax reform,

Gov. Ewards set to release ad building support for his tax plan
Posted on 4/25/2017 3:24:00 AM.

It’s expected a 30 second commercial from Governor John Bel Edwards will hit the airwaves this week, promoting his budget plan. The governor is pushing a proposal to place a new tax on businesses while reducing individual income taxes. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says he doesn’t have much support from legislators.

legislative session, Bernie Pinsonat, John Bel Edwards, tax reform

Baton Rouge lawmaker gives his views of the legislative session
Posted on 4/18/2017 3:08:00 AM.

Baton Rouge Representative Ted James says he supports Governor John Bel Edwards’ tax reform plan, which includes getting rid of tax incentives on big corporations and reducing personal income taxes. But the Democrat says the governor’s proposals have not gained a lot of traction among Republicans and there no alternatives at this point.More
legislative session, Ted James, criminal justice reform, tax reform

Study finds Governor Edwards' tax plan would give 95% of residents a tax cut
Posted on 4/12/2017 2:07:00 PM.

The Louisiana Budget Project has studied Governor John Bel Edwards’ tax plan and has determined 95% of Louisianans would receive a tax cut. LBP Executive Director Jan Moller says the top 5% of wage earners would pay higher taxes. 

legislative session, Louisiana Budget Project, Jan Moller, tax reform

Governor Edwards lays out his priorities for 2017 session
Posted on 4/10/2017 2:59:00 PM.
The 2017 session is underway and Governor John Bel Edwards told lawmakers now is the time to pass long-term tax reform that provides budget stability, so Louisiana can better fund its priorities. Edwards is pushing a plan that would increase taxes on many businesses, but promises to lower taxes on most Louisiana residents.
legislative session, John Bel Edwards, tax reform

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