Former Texas police officer donates custom caskets to three fallen officers
Posted on 7/21/2016 12:34:00 PM.

A former Texas law enforcement officer is donating custom made caskets to the three officers who lost their lives in Sunday’s ambush in Baton Rouge. Trey Ganem is the owner of Trey Ganem Designs says he decided to make the caskets after watching a video featuring one of the fallen officers, Montrell Jackson.

“All of these are hand painted, we custom paint all of our caskets. These are actually done with the American flag across the top, so it’s a solid black casket.”

Ganem says they also incorporated something unique about each officer on to the different caskets, one includes the Superman shield. He says he gets very emotional when designing each casket.

“Everyone we do, we do the best we can. Whether it’s a Tinkerbell casket, a law enforcement, whatever it may be, we put 100% of our heart and soul into these caskets.”

Ganem says he will have a full police escort to each funeral home as he delivers the three caskets to the funeral homes.

“And we’ll revel the casket and we’ll cry together, we’ll hold each other, and we’ll get to know a little bit more about each one of our family members.”

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Provided by ABC News

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