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LSU Vet School gets record breaking endowment

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LSU Vet School gets record breaking endowment

he LSU School of Veterinary Medicine receives the largest commitment in school history, and the eight largest gift in LSU Foundation history.

That’s after a 10.1 million dollar endowment from the Soong family, who Vet School Senior Director of Development Tracy Evans says developed a close bond with the school after it cared for their two Chihuahuas.

“Their names are Sophie and Bailey. He also had a Chihuahua who is no longer with us, Hazel. That was his first interactions with the Vet School.”

The money will fund several initiatives including a scholarship for underrepresented students at the SVM, but all started when Connie Soong pledged two million dollars to help care for local animals in need.

“The Good Samaritan Fund will care for injured, homeless animals for them to eventually be adopted out.”

Evans says Dr. Herman Soong, a Tulane professor of forensic psychiatry, talks to the students several times a year about how to identify animal abuse, and frequently lobbies the legislature for more severe penalties for abusers who he says a more likely to pose a threat to humans.

“This is what inspired Herman to give part of his gift to establish an animal forensic science program at the Vet School.”

The fund will also pay for an oncology professorship.